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Lemon Law Cases

The North Carolina Lemon Law (G.S. 20-351 et. seq.) is a consumer protection law enacted to provide recourse to consumers who purchased or leased a defective or problematic new vehicle. An automobile manufacturer is required to repurchase or replace a vehicle that has not been properly repaired within a reasonable number of attempts. The North Carolina statute defines a “reasonable number of attempts” as four (4) attempts (or, if the vehicle has been out of service while waiting for repairs for a cumulative total of twenty (20) or more business days during any twelve (12) month period of the warranty, the statute presumes that the “reasonable number of attempts” have been undertaken).

If you bought or leased a new vehicle within the past two (2) years and have taken it to the dealership for numerous failed repairs, you may be entitled to a cash settlement, a new vehicle replacement, and/or attorney’s fees. Remember to document and keep copies of all repairs and all correspondence with the manufacturer, the dealership, and the finance company. Proper documentation under the law is essential to winning your case.

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