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The loss of a loved one is a devastating event. Emotions run even higher when an estate dispute ensues among the heirs. A caveat proceeding is a challenge to the validity of a will that has been submitted for probate. The challenger (“caveator”) typically alleges that the will was procured by undue influence or that the testator did not have the requisite mental capacity to make a valid will. Any party with an interest in the estate may enter a caveat to the probate of a will. A caveat may be filed at the time of probate or within three years thereafter. Persons interested in the estate must align themselves as parties either with the caveator or the propounder according to their respective interests in the outcome. Sometimes, two or three different writings may be presented as the purported valid will. A will caveat can take years to resolve and may even end up being tried before a jury in superior court. At the Law Offices of Amos & Kapral, LLP, our experienced litigation attorneys represent caveators as well as will propounders in estate disputes. Do not wait until it is too late to protect your interest.

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