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Dog Bites

A dog bite case can arise when a dog bites or attacks a person and causes some kind of recoverable injury. A person can be bitten while on their own property or on someone else's. Any kind of dog, regardless of the breed, can bite a person and cause damages that might be recoverable. Likewise, many kinds of injuries can give rise to a dog bite case. Other kinds of animals may bite or attack and cause recoverable injuries as well.

A person who is bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog may suffer broken skin, bite damages without broken skin, scarring, abrasions, avulsions, lacerations, punctures, infected wounds, rabies infection, cellulitis infection, eye and vision injuries, broken or fractured bones, tissue loss, disfigurement, deformity, maiming, facial fractures, emotional harm, nerve damage, back or spinal cord injuries, brain damage, crush injuries, ligament or muscle injuries, strains, foot injuries, impaired mobility, paralysis, permanent disability, internal bleeding, or death.

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Fortunately, victims of dog bites or dog attacks may be entitled to compensation if they can prove that a responsible party (usually the dog owner or property owner, depending on the facts of the case) was either negligent or strictly liable. North Carolina law imposes certain duties on both property owners and dog owners. Experienced North Carolina dog bite attorneys are familiar with these duties and when they apply.

It is true that North Carolina follows the "one-bite rule" (sometimes called the "one bite law," "first bite rule," or "first bite free law"), which generally means that a dog owner is not liable when their dog bites a person if that same dog has never bitten someone before and was not a dangerous dog prior to the attack. However, there are some exceptions to that rule in North Carolina, and there may be other grounds for compensation. No victim of a dog bite or dog attack should assume that they do not have a case or any recoverable injuries just because it was the dog's first bite until they have consulted an experienced North Carolina dog bite attorney.

Dog bite and other such animal negligence cases can often involve multiple areas of the law and multiple grounds for relief. Depending on the facts of a specific bite or attack, a case might involve personal injury law (commonly called "tort law"), premises liability, premises security, negligence, strict liability, insurance litigation, workers' compensation, and other areas of the law. Dog bites require the attention of experienced dog bite attorneys. If you have been the victim of a dog bite or dog attack, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. Your potential case may be more complex than you realize, and any claim you may have is likely subject to one or more statutes of limitation.

Remember that while a dog is man's best friend, dogs (even friendly ones) can be dangerous when they are provoked; scared; caught off guard; pregnant or in heat; eating when they have food taken from them; threatened; or if they feel the need to protect an owner, their land or territory, or another dog (such as a mother protecting her child). Some dogs and breeds are inherently more dangerous than others. Both large and small dogs can be dangerous. You should always use caution when around dogs. Never threaten, provoke, or intentionally agitate or anger a dog. You should be similarly cautious around other kinds of animals as well. 

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The content of this page is not intended to serve as legal advice. You should consult with an attorney regarding your dog bite, dog attack, or animal negligence/animal tort incident, as every situation is unique.

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